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La Società delle Maschere

La Società delle Maschere - Rudi Records RRJ1011

Dinamitri Jazz Folklore

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1011
Barcode 8058456240121
La Società delle Maschere is the last recording project of the Tuscan collective and represents the artistic pinnacle of band that strong of extraordinary journey in Mali to play at the legendary Festival au Désert Timbuktu, stages a ritual gesture and sound (thanks to the evocative masks made for each musician by the artist Federico Biancalani), which accompanies the listener into the depths of African culture, in an open forms of music and contemporary art.

  1. Terra (9:50)
  2. Acqua (6:50)
  3. Fuoco (6:40)
  4. Aria (8:14)
  5. Blues Africane (5:35)
  6. Bashir (3:30)

clip video

Line up
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, alto sax
Simone Padovani, percussions
Gabrio Baldacci, electric guitar
Giuseppe Scardino, baritone sax
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Paolo “PeeWee” Durante, hammond
Andrea Melani, drums
Piero Gesuè, voice (#5, #6)

Recording Information
All Music by Dimitri Grechi Espinoza
Recorded & Mixed April 2012 by Ivan A. Rossi, SAM Recording Studio (Pisa) and 8brr.rec Studio (Milano)
Additional Engineering Marco Gorini
Photo by Giulia Naldini
Art by Ale Sordi

A current, though archaic and almost archetypal art is expressed in “La società delle maschere”, "La Società delle Maschere". Dinamitri Jazz Folklore has been, since its foundation, a group that catches unprepared, that acts by surprise, implementing a "guerrilla of sounds" that seeks the depth, avoiding stereotypes. Cosmology and masks, universe and interiority, man and animal, blues and Africa, Tuareg and emigration. The septet gives a strong ritual music that connects human beings to what revolves around them. Here is a suite that moves along the five cosmological elements: Earth-Water-Fire-Air: “The ether is the only one missing – explains D. Grechi Espinoza – as it is the element that generates and holds the others, to which we have not given voice. The music is ritual in the sense that it exposes the reintegration path of the four elements within the fifth one”. The suite is the result of a process that began in 2011 ("Metastasio Jazz" – a few snippets are on YouTube – directed by N.Baldi). “ I did not use any western compositional technique, not even jazz, to write the music I proposed to the group (we granted each other a year's time from the opening night in Prato). Each element – emphasize Espinoza – is characterized by a mode that is made up of melody and rhythm through which and within which we have built our sound meditation.” The sound reminds you of the "tala" and "raga" of the Indian music but the cultural matrix is ​​African, as revealed by the masks used at the time of the intense cooperation with Amiri Baraka. Masks (created by F.Biancalani) arise from the influence of the Congolese musician and researcher Goma Parfait Ludovic “and by the ability to facilitate the listening of an invisible world that is represented by every single animal we have chosen.” Between controlled trance and modalism, the suite alternates a multicolored array of timbres, rhythms and sounds where there are no soloists, but rumors of a widespread, all-encompassing, organic single-voicedness Another sound profile of Dinamitri Jazz Folklore comes from the physical "Blues Africaine" and "Bashir" “our tribute to the Tuareg music”, once again Jazz seen from (North) Africa, enriched by the painful texts and the consumed vocalization (between dialect and imaginary folklore) of the Florentine singer Piero Gesuè. From the cosmos to emigration, on both sides of our existence. Luigi Onori


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