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Faces and Tales

Faces and Tales by Daniele Cavallanti -  Rudi Records RRJ1013

Daniele Cavallanti & The Brotherhood Creative Trance Music Ensemble

Format Double CD
Cat No. RRJ1013
Barcode 8058456240145
"Even avant-gardes, nowadays, run the risk of nostalgia; the ensemble put together by Daniele Cavallanti, instead, moves towards completely different territories. Though celebrative in the intent (the Milan-based musician wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday in a special way), this project - based on musical ideas he's envisioned for a long time - is totally forward-looking. There are, obviously, references to tradition, starting from the funny, self-ironic name given to the ensemble that neatly summarizes their main influences: "brotherhood" sends us back to the South-African diaspora, "creative" to the Chicago school of AACM memory, and "trance" to maybe Don Cherry. The timbre of the ensemble says a lot about the leader's intentions, as brass and reeds are combined with a real "string section" (piano strings included!) to surprise listeners with multi-dimensional musical layers. The best example of this view is probably Faces, a movie-based long musical suite in which ever-changing colors, frames and pictures create a cinematographic narration. At the polar opposite of this wide landscape, we find Minutes: more than the explicit Ellington tributes, it is a way to remember the great Afro-American tradition (Coltrane's Africa stands strong in the background), but at the same time a declaration of independence by all of its interpreters. This double CD was recorded live during the tenth edition of the brave Ah Um Milano Jazz Festival; in this way, both the public and those little cultural activities still alive in the city take part to this, by no means private, party." Claudio Sessa

  1. Creative Mesa (D. Cavallanti) (18:03)
  2. Faces (D. Cavallanti) (37:32):
  3. Shadows (3:16) Cassavetes (5:58) Bertolucci (6:40) Jarmusch (3:29) Wenders (9:53) Eastwood (8:10)
  1. Trance Minutes (D. Cavallanti) (18:26)
  2. Sounds of Hope (D. Cavallanti) (11:02)
  3. African Flower (D. Ellington) (11:02)
  4. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (M. Ellington/T. Pearson) (11:00)
  5. Raphael’s Walk (D. Cavallanti) (4:35)

Line up
Daniele Cavallanti, tenor/baritone sax, nay flute
Gianluigi Trovesi, alto sax
Carlo Actis Dato, baritone sax, bass clarinet
Luca Calabrese, trumpet
Lauro Rossi, trombone
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Fabrizio Puglisi, piano
Silvia Bolognesi, doublebass
Andrea Di Biase, doublebass
Tiziano Tononi, drums

Recording Information
All arrangements by Daniele Cavallanti
Recorded live on May 16th/17th 2012 at Milano AH UM Jazz Festival, by Stefano Spina (Lab Service Studio)
Mixed July 2012 by Daniele Cavallanti, Tiziano Tononi, Stefano Spina, Lab Service Studio, Milan
Mastered July 2012 by Maurizio Giannotti, NewMastering, Milan
Cover photo by Antonio Ribatti
Art by Ale Sordi

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