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Hexaphone by Katja Cruz feat Oliver Lake - Rudi Records RRJ1017

Katja Cruz feat. Oliver Lake

Format CD + DVD
Cat No. RRJ1017
Barcode 8058456240206
Hexaphone is a cosmology of improvisation. These are the coordinates provided by the title of the new multi-form work published by Rudi Records. A multimedia project led by Austrian singer Katja Cruz. The "Hexaphone" music is the real-time interpretation of graphic scores based on the geometry  of the platonic bodies. Furthermore  the complex geometry of the " flower of life" and the "hexagram" appear as a source of inspiration for the music comprised in "Hexaphone. Special guest of the project: the great saxophonist Oliver Lake, major founder of the historic "Black Artists Group" from St. Louis and of legendary World Saxophone Quartet. Completing the quintet, Andrea Massaria (guitar ) Howard Curtis (drums) Patrick Dunst (bass clarinet , flute , sax ) and Patrik Lechner (electronics and visuals.) Dense and imaginative music produced by the magical interplay between the musicians, sound and image. An effect perfectly captured through audio (CD) and video (DVD).

    1. Hexahedron - Earth (10:36)
    2. Octahedron - Air (9:24)
    3. Icosahedron - Water (8:12)
    4. Dodecahedron - Ether, The Universe (9:33)
    5. Hexagon (10:20)
    6. Hexagram (10:02)
    7. The Flower Of Life (12:12)

clip video

Line up
Katja Cruz (A), voice
Oliver Lake (USA), alto sax
Andrea Massaria (I), guitar
Howard Curtis (A/USA), drums
Patrick Dunst (A) alto sax, bass clarinet, alto flute, duduk
Patrik Lechner (A), electronics, visuals

Recording Information
Music by Katja Cruz
Recorded December 10th 2012, Generalmusikdirektion Graz, Austria
Recording, mix and mastering, Florian Krusche, A&O Studios Graz
Photos by Dominik Kreuzer
Art by Ale Sordi

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