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BlueRing Vol. I

BlueRing Vol1 - Rudi Records RRJ1038


Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1038
Barcode 8058456240411
Bluering Improvisers is a collective of young Italian improvisers with a love for collective improvisation and the practice of conducting. Elements and modality applied with passion and intelligence to the music contained in this work.
The music, by Tobia Bondesan, moves with a slow, meditative pace and gradually builds lyric plans and thematic openings of considerable intensity.
A large collective of twenty musicians with voices, reeds, brass, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums for a wide-ranging music that will not fail to involve the most attentive and passionate listener.

  1. Prelude (T.Bondesan) 2:13
  2. Quietness Of Fighters (T.Bondesan) 3:47
  3. Interlude (T.Bondesan) 5:47
  4. Blue Is The Colour (T.Bondesan) 4:24
  5. Urban Crescendo (T.Bondesan) 5:12
  6. Blue Fish In The Ring (T.Bondesan) 5:30
  7. No Ending Theme (Chant Of Hope) (T.Bondesan) 4:38
  8. Keplership/BlueRingers All The Night (live) (T.Bondesan) 13:05

Line up
Conductor: Tobia Bondesan
Voices: Camilla Battaglia, Eleonora Elettra Franchina, Clizia Miglianti
Alto sax: Marco Vecchio, Riccardo Filippi Tenor sax: Massimo Gemini, Francesco Panconesi, Francesco Salmaso
Baritone sax: Gabriele Mastropasqua, Federico D’angelo
Trumpet: Andrea Del Vescovo
Trombone: Andrea Angeloni, Paolo Acquaviva
Clarinet: Massimiliano Dosoli, Leonardo Agnelli
Flute: Francesco Nowell
Piano and keyboards: Joseph Nowell, Luca Sguera
Guitar: Francesco Fiorenzani
Double bass: Michele Bondesan
Drums: Giuseppe Sardina

Recording Information
Music by Tobia Bondesan
Tracks 1-7 recorded, mixed and mastered at Jambona Lab (Pisa) by Antonio Castiello and Aldo De Sanctis, 19th-20th July 2016. Track 8 recorded live on 20th June 2016, at Auditorium Santa Chiara (Siena) by Damiano Magliozzi, mixed and mastered at Centro Musicale Soundy. Artwork by Marta Viviani.
Art by Ale Sordi


La Società delle Maschere

La Società delle Maschere - Rudi Records RRJ1011

Dinamitri Jazz Folklore

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1011
Barcode 8058456240121
La Società delle Maschere is the last recording project of the Tuscan collective and represents the artistic pinnacle of band that strong of extraordinary journey in Mali to play at the legendary Festival au Désert Timbuktu, stages a ritual gesture and sound (thanks to the evocative masks made for each musician by the artist Federico Biancalani), which accompanies the listener into the depths of African culture, in an open forms of music and contemporary art.

  1. Terra (9:50)
  2. Acqua (6:50)
  3. Fuoco (6:40)
  4. Aria (8:14)
  5. Blues Africane (5:35)
  6. Bashir (3:30)

clip video

Line up
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, alto sax
Simone Padovani, percussions
Gabrio Baldacci, electric guitar
Giuseppe Scardino, baritone sax
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Paolo “PeeWee” Durante, hammond
Andrea Melani, drums
Piero Gesuè, voice (#5, #6)

Recording Information
All Music by Dimitri Grechi Espinoza
Recorded & Mixed April 2012 by Ivan A. Rossi, SAM Recording Studio (Pisa) and 8brr.rec Studio (Milano)
Additional Engineering Marco Gorini
Photo by Giulia Naldini
Art by Ale Sordi

A current, though archaic and almost archetypal art is expressed in “La società delle maschere”, "La Società delle Maschere". Dinamitri Jazz Folklore has been, since its foundation, a group that catches unprepared, that acts by surprise, implementing a "guerrilla of sounds" that seeks the depth, avoiding stereotypes. Cosmology and masks, universe and interiority, man and animal, blues and Africa, Tuareg and emigration. The septet gives a strong ritual music that connects human beings to what revolves around them. Here is a suite that moves along the five cosmological elements: Earth-Water-Fire-Air: “The ether is the only one missing – explains D. Grechi Espinoza – as it is the element that generates and holds the others, to which we have not given voice. The music is ritual in the sense that it exposes the reintegration path of the four elements within the fifth one”. The suite is the result of a process that began in 2011 ("Metastasio Jazz" – a few snippets are on YouTube – directed by N.Baldi). “ I did not use any western compositional technique, not even jazz, to write the music I proposed to the group (we granted each other a year's time from the opening night in Prato). Each element – emphasize Espinoza – is characterized by a mode that is made up of melody and rhythm through which and within which we have built our sound meditation.” The sound reminds you of the "tala" and "raga" of the Indian music but the cultural matrix is ​​African, as revealed by the masks used at the time of the intense cooperation with Amiri Baraka. Masks (created by F.Biancalani) arise from the influence of the Congolese musician and researcher Goma Parfait Ludovic “and by the ability to facilitate the listening of an invisible world that is represented by every single animal we have chosen.” Between controlled trance and modalism, the suite alternates a multicolored array of timbres, rhythms and sounds where there are no soloists, but rumors of a widespread, all-encompassing, organic single-voicedness Another sound profile of Dinamitri Jazz Folklore comes from the physical "Blues Africaine" and "Bashir" “our tribute to the Tuareg music”, once again Jazz seen from (North) Africa, enriched by the painful texts and the consumed vocalization (between dialect and imaginary folklore) of the Florentine singer Piero Gesuè. From the cosmos to emigration, on both sides of our existence. Luigi Onori


Reaction and Reflection

Reaction and Reflection | Rudi Records RRJ1039

Alessandro Nobile Dave Burrell Antonio Moncada

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1039
Barcode 8058456240428
Reaction and reflection are two elements at the base of the rich interplay triggered by the meeting between the great american pianist Dave Burrell with the double bass player Alessandro Nobile and the drummer Antonio Moncada, two important figures on the Sicilian Jazz scene. The dense and warm music that springs, pulsates with great energy and humanity.
In a strategic and natural alternation between exploratory moments, areas of overwhelming swing and earthly pulsation, the music flows between dialogue and narration throughout the whole of this intense session, recorded in the land of Sicily.

  1. Reaction One 9:04
  2. Reflection One 9:44
  3. Reaction Two 7:26
  4. Reflection Two 6:36
  5. Reaction Three 8:02
  6. Reflection Three 3:34
  7. For Carlo 4:32

Line up
Alessandro Nobile, doublebass
Dave Burrell, piano
Antonio Moncada, drums

Recording Information
All music by Nobile, Burrell, Moncada
Recorded live at Vittoria Colonna Theater, Vittoria, Sicily, March 2017, by Lorenzo Manganaro
Cover art by Gianni Robustelli
Photo by Rosalba Amorelli
Art by Ale Sordi



Baboon by Sartori Delius Honsinger - Rudi Records RRJ1012

Enrico Sartori Tobias Delius Tristan Honsinger

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1012
Barcode 8058456240138
Baboon is the recording of Sartori, Delius and Honsiger in Munich, Germany at the MUG im Einstein on January 29, 2012. The CD tracks reflect the natural development of the concert as the music finds its way, track by track, between moments of dialogue and space for the proverbial theatricality of Honsinger, lyricism and feeling. A total of 46 minutes of live music, free improvisation without being improvised. The three all know each other well and despite the lack of written parts, they know how to weave up specific musical textures, performed as their instant composition.

As Sebi Tramontana says in the liner notes: "These three men chase the music, they brush it, they own it, they lose it and chase it again to finally get back into the game of conquering it. A child music. They know where to find it. Searching. 
They will find it. Listen to them. Playing a solo, a duo or a trio. Sit and listen to the first 40 seconds of "Four short stories", then stand up and start dancing. That`s it. Dance!"

  1. Father (2:48)
  2. Mother (5:22)
  3. Brother (4:24)
  4. Sister (5:00)
  5. Four short stories (4:29)
  6. Trialogues (4:02)
  7. Nientese (3:09)
  8. Fastidi 1 (2:50)
  9. Fastidi 2 (4:24)
  10. Ten, Eleven, Twelve (4:08)
  11. Paesaggio Lunare (5:25)

Line up
Enrico Sartori, alto sax, bb & alto clarinets
Tobias Delius, tenor sax, bb clarinet
Tristan Honsinger, cello

Recording Information
All Compositions by Sartori - Delius - Honsinger
Recorded Live 29 January 2012, MUG im Einstein - Munich (D) as part of the “Subsonicspace Series”
organized by Hannes Schneider and Offene Ohren e.V.
with the support of the “Kulturreferat der LH Muenchen” (D)
Recorded by Oliver Kuenzner (5.1 Surround)
Mixed and Mastered at “Lupo Studios”- Munich by Martin Wolf and Enrico Sartori
Art by Ale Sordi

The Big Earth

The Big Earth | Francesco Chiapperini RRJ1037

Francesco Chiapperini Extemporary Vision Ensemble

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1037
Barcode 8058456240411
The new album of Francesco Chiapperini and his Extemporary Vision Ensemble. After a remarkable debut with "Our Redemption", released in 2015 and dedicated to Massimo Urbani, Chiapperini returns to the Rudi Records with a new and heartfelt tribute to the "great land" of Puglia and its deep cultural and musical tradition. A universe steeped in rituals originating from the ancient peasant and maritime civilization. A tribute to tradition in an absolute sense, where the painful themes of the fanfare develop in heartfelt Free collective, and the cadences typical of South Italy's band music are transformed into contagious grooves and thematic openings of considerable orchestral impact.

  1. Palmieri (B. Palmieri) 2:25
  2. La merc d Palm (F. Chiapperini) 3:00
  3. Tramonto tragico (A. Inglese) 2:48
  4. Gatti (D. Gatti) 14:26
  5. Palmieralzer (B. Palmieri) 4:25
  6. U Conzasiegge (V. Valente) 1:30
  7. La segg aggstat (F. Chiapperini) 6:59
  8. Gatti (reprise #1) (D. Gatti) 2:06
  9. Canigattì (F. Chiapperini) 6:11
  10. La varc du pescator (F. Chiapperini) 6:46
  11. Il pescatore (V. Valente) 7:20
  12. Gatti (reprise #2) (D. Gatti) 2:10
  13. Gattigulì (F. Chiapperini) 3:42
  14. Fantozzi (P. Minafra) 7:34

Line up
Francesco Chiapperini: arrangements
and compositions, clarinet, bass clarinet
Andrea Jimmy Catagnoli: alto sax
Gianluca Elia: tenor sax
Eloisa Manera: violin
Vito Emanuele Galante: trumpet
Marco Galetta: trumpet
Andrea Baronchelli: trombone and tuba
Simone Quatrana: piano
Luca Pissavini: cello
Andrea Grossi: double bass
Filippo Sala: drums
Filippo Monico: drums and percussions

Recording Information
Recorded Live at La Scighera The 26th April 2016, Milan
Mixed June 2017 at InterPlay Recording Studio by Lorenzo Sempio
Mastering December 2017 by NewMastering Studio, Milan
Cover Photo by Ester Lavinia d’Elia
Art by Ale Sordi

Faces and Tales

Faces and Tales by Daniele Cavallanti -  Rudi Records RRJ1013

Daniele Cavallanti & The Brotherhood Creative Trance Music Ensemble

Format Double CD
Cat No. RRJ1013
Barcode 8058456240145
"Even avant-gardes, nowadays, run the risk of nostalgia; the ensemble put together by Daniele Cavallanti, instead, moves towards completely different territories. Though celebrative in the intent (the Milan-based musician wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday in a special way), this project - based on musical ideas he's envisioned for a long time - is totally forward-looking. There are, obviously, references to tradition, starting from the funny, self-ironic name given to the ensemble that neatly summarizes their main influences: "brotherhood" sends us back to the South-African diaspora, "creative" to the Chicago school of AACM memory, and "trance" to maybe Don Cherry. The timbre of the ensemble says a lot about the leader's intentions, as brass and reeds are combined with a real "string section" (piano strings included!) to surprise listeners with multi-dimensional musical layers. The best example of this view is probably Faces, a movie-based long musical suite in which ever-changing colors, frames and pictures create a cinematographic narration. At the polar opposite of this wide landscape, we find Minutes: more than the explicit Ellington tributes, it is a way to remember the great Afro-American tradition (Coltrane's Africa stands strong in the background), but at the same time a declaration of independence by all of its interpreters. This double CD was recorded live during the tenth edition of the brave Ah Um Milano Jazz Festival; in this way, both the public and those little cultural activities still alive in the city take part to this, by no means private, party." Claudio Sessa

  1. Creative Mesa (D. Cavallanti) (18:03)
  2. Faces (D. Cavallanti) (37:32):
  3. Shadows (3:16) Cassavetes (5:58) Bertolucci (6:40) Jarmusch (3:29) Wenders (9:53) Eastwood (8:10)
  1. Trance Minutes (D. Cavallanti) (18:26)
  2. Sounds of Hope (D. Cavallanti) (11:02)
  3. African Flower (D. Ellington) (11:02)
  4. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (M. Ellington/T. Pearson) (11:00)
  5. Raphael’s Walk (D. Cavallanti) (4:35)

Line up
Daniele Cavallanti, tenor/baritone sax, nay flute
Gianluigi Trovesi, alto sax
Carlo Actis Dato, baritone sax, bass clarinet
Luca Calabrese, trumpet
Lauro Rossi, trombone
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Fabrizio Puglisi, piano
Silvia Bolognesi, doublebass
Andrea Di Biase, doublebass
Tiziano Tononi, drums

Recording Information
All arrangements by Daniele Cavallanti
Recorded live on May 16th/17th 2012 at Milano AH UM Jazz Festival, by Stefano Spina (Lab Service Studio)
Mixed July 2012 by Daniele Cavallanti, Tiziano Tononi, Stefano Spina, Lab Service Studio, Milan
Mastered July 2012 by Maurizio Giannotti, NewMastering, Milan
Cover photo by Antonio Ribatti
Art by Ale Sordi


Stone - Porta Palace Collective + Rob Mazurek RRJ1036 2017

Porta Palace Collective + Rob Mazurek

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1036
Barcode 8058456240404
After the collaborations with Giancarlo Schiaffini, Satoko Fuji and Natsuki Tamura, Turin-based Porta Palace Collective, led by Johnny Lapio, welcomes Rob Mazurek, one of the central figures on the actual Avant-Jazz scene. Italian saxophone player Pasquale Innarella is also featured as special guests on this Porta Palace Collective third album.

Mazurek seems to have completely assimilated the band's spirit. His personality perfectly fits into their rich sound mesh, and his cornet finds the right place among the collective's broad frameworks, including both large improvisation areas and beautifully composed structures. Recorded live at the end of a tour, the album sets the first step for a future partnership.

  1. Stone (12:43)
  2. Instants (12:00)
  3. Neuroplastic Groove (9:45)
  4. Itineraries (6:34)
  5. Why Not? (9:39)

Line up

Johnny Lapio, trumpet, conduction, composition
Rob Mazurek, cornet
Pasquale Innarella, tenor sax
Giuseppe Ricupero, baritone sax
Lino Mei, piano
Donato Stolfi, drums
Gianmaria Ferrario, double bass, electronics

Recording Information
Recorded live The 22th October 2016, Birrificio delle Officine Ferroviarie Jazz Club, Turin (Italy)
Images by Sarah Bowyer
Art by Ale Sordi

Jazz Resistant

Jazz Resistant - Rudi Records RRJ1014

Comanda Barabba

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1014
Barcode 8058456240152
With the release of Jazz Resistant, the band Comanda Barabba's second album, Rudi Records once again dives deep into the heart of Italian underground jazz. Comanda Barabba has been active for over a decade, drawing inspiration and strength from the collective work of its five musicians: Tim Trevor-Briscoe and Christian Ferlaino (saxophones and clarinets), Nicola Guazzaloca (piano), Luca Bernard (double bass) and Gaetano Alfonsi (drums). The ensemble bears testimony to the rich creative jazz scene of Bologna, where new and vibrant solutions continue to be forged. The jazz of Comanda Barabba is open, incisive and unashamedly omnivorous. The compositions by each member of the band branch out naturally from strong roots in collective improvisation. A music which proudly resists mainstream clichès and which vibrates freely between the traditional and the avantguarde.

  1. Cuor di Banana (Guazzaloca) (9:13)
  2. Goulash Mood (Trevor-Briscoe) (5:25)
  3. Fireman Breakfast (Guazzaloca) (4:44)
  4. Golden Turkey Cake (Guazzaloca) (7:04)
  5. Sad Cat (Trevor-Briscoe) (5:05)
  6. Don K e la vita degli altri (Ferlaino) (6:36)
  7. Annì (Bernard) (7:36)
  8. Barbaleo (Alfonsi) (5:53)

Line up
Tim Trevor-Briscoe, alto sax, clarinet
Christian Ferlaino, baritone sax, alto sax
Nicola Guazzaloca, piano
Luca Bernard, double bass
Gaetano Alfonsi, drums, percussion

Recording Information
Recorded for Rai Radiotre Suite Jazz, February 25, 2011, Rome - Sala A, Centro Produzioni Radio Rai
Radiotre Suite Jazz executive producer: Pino Saulo, Sound engineers: Genesio Di Iacovo, Luca De Ioris
Music consultant: Gennaro Soldi with the collaboration of Toni Marinelli
Mixed and Mastered by Giuseppe Lo Bue
Cover photo by Christian Ferlaino, Nicola Guazzaloca
Art by Ale Sordi

Experience Nexus!

Experience Nexus! - Rudi Records RRJ1035 2017

Tiziano Tononi & Daniele Cavallanti Nexus

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1035
Barcode 8058456240398
Nexus is a variable setting project that during his long history - 37 years up to now - has been able to change according to the times, neverthless keeping being faithful to its founding principles, the same ones that the two leaders, Tiziano Tononi and Daniele Cavallanti, set back at the beginning of their adventure in 1980. On behalf of their tenth album with Nexus, Tononi and Cavallanti have riunited a line-up of excellence in the field of avant-music in Italy, setting up a confrontation between their own musical experiences and concepts, and the ones of the newer generations, without loosing tracks of their signature treats...among these, a fertile relationship with the best tradition in Afro-American music, a deep Blues feeling, the integration of different musical languages in the production of original material, the collective idea of music making through the revitalization of an ancient jazz tradition, now dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, a group sound that was intended to have a preminent role in affirming a stylistic identity, both solid in its principles and at the same time everchanging in the way these same ones keep being reproposed. In this regard, the choice of these Nexus version's "actors" has been quite interesting, all of them gave a deep contribution to the realization of this new musical painting, everchanging, multi-faced, in which all of them found their own personal balance between individual identity and the necessity to underpone this aspect to the greater picture and to collective project. Some of them were more "trained" in working with us, the likes of Emanuele Parrini, Francesco Chiapperini and Silvia Bolognesi, while others were totally newcomers, Gabriele Mitelli, who's played with us here for the first time, and Pasquale Mirra. The new compositions, as always by Tiziano Tononi and Daniele Cavallanti, mirror what's been said above, a caleidoscope of situations, atmospheres, orchestrations, timbric solutions and structuring of the materials, and they move from more "formal" pieces towards only "suggested" steps and to the informal, to flow into an unpredictable final, to surprise the listener, and to make him reflect...on this music today, on its developements in the present time and in the near future, on the presence of "sideways" or "escape" ways, the essence itself of the artistic expression, in a world that clones and often doesn't imagine, that produces the highest peaks of instrumental skills and professionalism but forgets that music should be essentially emotions, and poetry, and the truthful result of what we are..

  1. Soundship (for Sergio U.) * (12:52)
  2. Waves Priestess ** (Sea Song for Jemayà) (13:55)
  3. Nexus Falls * (10:31)
  4. Piece for John Carter ** (18:55)
    a ) The rhythm of our awareness (0:00)
    b ) The struggle (9:12) 
    c) Free at last, Free at last, Free at last! (pas, de bas de l'eau...) (14:05)
  5. John Gilmore & the Pyramids ** (7:32)
  6. Morocco '73, a Berber blues * (8:45)

Line up
Daniele Cavallanti *, tenor sax, ney flute, composition
Francesco Chiapperini, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute
Gabriele Mitelli, cornet, pocket trumpet
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Pasquale Mirra, vibes
Silvia Bolognesi, double bass
Tiziano Tononi **, drums, percussion, gongs, composition

Recording Information
Recorded & Mixed at Il Guscio, Milano, March/April 2017. Sound Engineers: Lorenzo Farolfi and Griffin Rodriguez
Mastered at Real Sound Recording Studio, May 2017, Milano. Engineer: Roberto Gramegna
Photo by Muriel Michel Peretti
Art by Ale Sordi

Suoni dal Carcere

Suoni dal Carcere by Maria Pia De Vito Silvia Bolognesi - Rudi Records RRM1001

Maria Pia De Vito Silvia Bolognesi

Format DVD
Cat No. RRM1001
Barcode 8058456240169
In September 2012 Maria Pia De Vito and Silvia Bolognesi played a special concert in the unusual environment of the ancient prison situated on the isle of S.Stefano. The duo concert was the very first event since its close in 1963. The two musicians appear as the two main characters of a deep sound and visual journey from the ancient walls through the late summer vegetation and towards the open blu sea. The voice and bass warm sound find perfect relation with the special quality of the setting. The music flows naturally between original compositions and free improvisation. A poetic and joyful dialogue, some sort of open conversation run with deep and expert narrative sense.

Line up
Maria Pia De Vito, voice
Silvia Bolognesi, doublebass

Recording Information
Recorded live on September 7th 2012 at “Rumori nell'Isola" festival, Santo Stefano island (LT),
by Davide Abbruzzese and Angelo Romano
Filmed and edited by Amedeo Bersani, Rome
Art by Ale Sordi

Suite per Osvaldo

Suite per Osvaldo - Rudi Records RRJ1034

Fabio Sartori Marco Colonna Cristiano Calcagnile

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1034
Barcode 8058456240381
The trio of pianist Fabio Sartori, author of a beautiful album [(IN)Obediens] published three years ago, comes back with a second chapter of original music, explicitly dedicated to the artist Osvaldo Licini. Music that traverses free and obligatory areas, which always leaves great margins for the excellent Marco Colonna (clarinets) and Cristiano Calcagnile (drums), chosen musicians, capable of extending and enriching the compositional material of Sartori. An album of remarkable expressive tension, based on the strategic alternation between rhythmic densities and lyrical openings of great effect.

  1. Amalassunta (4:10)
  2. Bruto (7:01)
  3. Missili Lunari (4:13)
  4. Angelo di S.D. (6:16)
  5. Nanny (6:25)
  6. Amalassunta (6:19)
  7. Angeli Ribelli (5:22)

Line up
Marco Colonna, alto clarinet, clarinet
Fabio Sartori, piano
Cristiano Calcagnile, drums

Recording Information
All music by Fabio Sartori
Recorded live on November 18th 2016 at ‘Laboratori di Pianoforti’ di Marc Maggio, Rome, by Clive Simpson
Cover photo: Samuele Niccolini
Art by Ale Sordi

Dedicated to Osvaldo Licini

"In this album Marco Colonna and Cristiano Calcagnile are present; the choice of these musicians and the absence of contrabass determine and complete the musical drawing, which finds in improvisation its strong dramatic pin. Marco and Cristiano are formidable musicians, accomplices with Fabio’s piano. Their musical stories bring lifeblood to the project, underlining from time to time different aspects and perspectives of the scores" Eugenio Colombo

clip: Fabio Sartori introduces "Suite per Osvaldo"


Viaggio al Centro del Violino Vol. 1

Viaggio al Centro del Violino Vol.1 - Rudi Records RRJ1015

Emanuele Parrini

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1015
Barcode 8058456240183
Emanuele Parrini is a musician on the rise. We can consider it among the leading representatives of his instrument on the current modern jazz scene. A musician who has knowledge and passion for the history of the violin in both the jazz and creative (see tributes to Leroy Jenkins and Renato Geremia) and technical knowledge that allows him to cross styles and different approaches. The Parrini collaboration's include the ultimate in creative Italian jazz (Nexus, Dinamitri Jazz Folklore, Italian Instable Orchestra), Viaggio al Centro del Violino sounds like an intense tour de force in which the instrument and the musician are involved in a unique and inseparable.

    Suite for Solo Violin
  1. Viaggio al Centro del Violino - intro (2:38)
  2. Viaggio al Centro del Violino - viaggio (3:13)
  3. Abstract n° 1 (1:49)
  4. The Undecided (2:20)
  5. Abstract n° 2 (2:37)
  6. Are You Ready? (2:43)
  7. Requiem For L. J. (3:05)
  8. Black Violin (3:01)
  9. Blues P. (4:10)
  10. Suite In Due
  11. Mixolidian Dance (3:05)
  12. In Due (2:56)
  13. I Gemelli del Goal (1:47)
  14. Beauty Don’t Leave (4:40)

Line up
Suite for Solo Violin
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Suite In Due
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Paolo Botti, viola

Recording Information
All compositions by Emanuele Parrini except:
Mixolidian Dance and In Due by Paolo Botti;
I Gemelli del Goal composed by Parrini, Botti;
Beauty Don’t Leave” composed by William Parker
tracks 1-9 Recorded March 2013, by Luca Di Volo and Eleonora Tassinari, Music House Florence
tracks 10-13 Recorded April 2013, by Stefano Spina, Lab Service Milan
Mixed and mastered April 2013, by Stefano Spina and Emanuele Parrini, Lab Service Milan
Photo by Maurizio Gennai
Art by Ale Sordi

"We must admit it: the title is challenging, yet when you listen to the suite of the same name you understand that this is exactly what Emanuele Parrini does. And let us also admit that a disc of only violin music (although the second part offers us an irresistible duo between violin and viola) is something that even experienced professionals would not accept. Yet we can claim that the challenge is won. Emanuele Parrini does this: he goes to the heart of the violin, he goes to its very nature of wood, metal and horsehair and he explores it, he goes through it, he reveals it, he is seduced and enchanted by it, he takes up the challenge without getting entangled and trapped in self-congratulatory virtuosity. In this disc we hear Parrini’s passion for the masters of jazz who had to invent a vocabulary and almost a new grammar for this instrument, from Stuff Smith to Billy Bang and above all to Leroy Jenkins, to whom the Requiem della Suite is dedicated; and there is the dedication to Renato Geremia (his predecessor in the Italian Instabile Orchestra) who succeeded in inventing a new way to approach an instrument encumbered with such an onerous classical tradition. This same tradition surfaces frequently in certain passages with effects not so very different from those of some contemporary music; the difference is however in the intentions, the attitude and the aptitude according to what Cecil Taylor told A.B. Spellman fifty years ago: (“He would never get emotionally involved in it; and dig, that's the word, they don't want to get involved with music. It's a theory, it's a mental exercise in which the body is there as an attribute to complement that exercise. The body is in no way supposed to get involved in it”). There you have it: Parrini is totally involved, he is inside the violin, his music communicates an immediate feeling of presence, of immanence, of necessary physicality. He sounds as if he is playing to nourish himself and to offer the same joy to others. Also playful, entertaining and vibrant is the duet with Paolo Botti, comrade, friend, colleague; their unisono in the themes tell of a common sensibility, a shared passion, a similar approach and an infinite love of jazz.
The conclusion of the disc with its new rendering of a piece by William Parker, rather than being an arrival, is more the perfect point of departure for a journey that has only just begun." Pino Saulo



Alos - Maria Merlino - Rudi Records RRJ1033

Maria Merlino

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1033
Barcode 8058456240374
Starting from a strong academic background (classical and jazz) Maria Merlino, young Sicilian saxophonist, is developing a personal musical path that goes without any hesitation in the "open ground" of the Creative Music. Alos, corresponds to a sequence of 11 original tracks, with a poetic dedication to Anthony Braxton (she played with him, in the European premiere of the "Sonic Genome", in Turin). Music with thematic parts that act as spark for collective improvvisations based on dialogue between the rhapsodic and humoral voice of the Merlino's sax, the vehemence of the electric guitar of Giancarlo Mazzù and the sound full and balanced of the bass of Domenico Mazza.

  1. Cappero (Merlino, Mazzù, Mazza) (4:38)
  2. Alos (Merlino) (2:04)
  3. La Ricerca (Merlino) (3:22)
  4. Il Cambiamento (Merlino) (1:25)
  5. La Quiete (Merlino) (2:38)
  6. For Anthony Braxton (Merlino) (5:38)
  7. Mica (Merlino) (4:20)
  8. Cat (Merlino) (1:54)
  9. Scaccia Paura (Merlino) (5:28)
  10. Private Shout (Merlino, Mazzù, Mazza) (5:45)
  11. Ipso Calypso (Merlino, Mazzù, Mazza) (3:39)

Line up

Maria Merlino, sax, shells, walnuts
Giancarlo Mazzùguitar, drums
Domenico Mazza, electric bass

Recording Information
Recorded the 5th May 2016 by by Fortunato “Nat” Serranò, New PFL Recording Studio, Reggio Calabria, Italy
Mixed and Mastered September 2016, by Fortunato “Nat” Serranò, New PFL Recording Studio
Photo by Valentina La Rosa, Annalisa Tirrito
Drawings by Sol Minafra
Art by Ale Sordi

Navajo Sunrise

Navajo Sunrise - Rudi Records RRJ1016

Daniel Carter William Parker Federico Ughi

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1016
Barcode 8058456240190
Daniel Carter's relaxed phrasing moves naturally between Parker's earthly bass sound and Ughi's sensitive drumming. This trio's music seems to be possessed by a light and welcoming spirit. A constant flux of energy, a three way dialogue consumed within the time and space of one breath. Telling the story of the trio's origins, the musicians talk about dreams and desires while the body of this music takes shape within the human connection of the band's relationship which has grown over time, through meetings, travel and concerts.

  1. Turning Waters (3:59)
  2. Navajo Sunrise (10:27)
  3. Gather Up (6:00)
  4. When Amiri Was in Africa (9:35)
  5. Legacy (9:42)
  6. Runnin’ Home (11:17)
  7. It Could Go (15:21)

Line up
Daniel Carter, alto sax, piano
William Parker, bass, shakuhachi
Federico Ughi, drums

Recording Information
All music by Daniel Carter, William Parker, Federico Ughi
Recorded live at Area Sismica, Ravaldino In Monte, Italy December 19th 2010
Mixed February 2013 by Federico Ughi
Mastered September 2013 by Lucio Leoni, Monkey Studio, Rome
Photo by Federico Ughi
Art by Ale Sordi

Looking Back, Playing Forward

Looking Back, Playing Forward - The Freexielanders RRJ1032

The Freexielanders

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1032
Barcode 8058456240367
A little All Star composed of musicians from different generations and different environments of the Italian less aligned Jazz scene. Musicians, often associated to the field of the experimental music, among whom masters Giancarlo Schiaffini and Eugenio Colombo, who, under the name of Freexielanders, choose to look back at their roots. Looking Back, Playing Forward – A programmatic title for an assorted repertoire that, from Jelly Roll Morton’s New Orleans and Scott Joplin’s syncopated rhythm, deviates to the film music of master Felice Montagnini and to the very Dutch Swing of Misha Mengelberg to finally rejoin Duke Ellington’s indigo spirit. A refined, exotic, imaginary sound skillfully played between present, past and future.

  1. St. James Infirmary/Gotta get to St. Joe (Joe Primrose/Joe Bishop) (7:59)
  2. On the Banks of the Wabash (Paul Dresser) (6:10)
  3. Peer’s Country Song (Misha Mengelberg arr. by E. Colombo) (4:19)
  4. Come Sunday (Duke Ellington, arr. by G. Schiaffini) (6:04)
  5. Voci del Deserto (Felice Montagnini) (5:20)
  6. Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington, arr. by G. Schiaffini) (5:08)
  7. Black Maria (Fred Rose) (5:51)
  8. Yardbird Shuffle (James A. Noble) (4:35)
  9. Cannonball Blues (Jelly Roll Morton, arr. by E. Colombo) (4:31)
  10. Sabor de Habanera (Giancarlo Schiaffini) (3:50)
  11. The Great Crush Collision March (Scott Joplin, arr. G. Schiaffini) (4:50)
  12. (with a Malus Track in more)

Line up

Aurelio Tontini, trumpet
Giancarlo Schiaffinitrombone
Eugenio Colombo, alto sax
Errico De Fabritiis, tenor sax
Alberto Popolla, clarinet, alto clarinet
Francesco Lo Cascio, vibraphone
Gianfranco Tedeschi, double bass
Nicola Raffone, drums

Recording Information
Recorded the 13-14th December 2015 by Lucio Leoni, Monkey Studios, Rome
Mixed and mastered April 2016, Francesco Lo Cascio & Lucio Leoni, Monkey Studios, Rome
Cover photo by Alessandro Carpentieri
Booklet photo by Valerio Pasquazi
Art by Ale Sordi


Hexaphone by Katja Cruz feat Oliver Lake - Rudi Records RRJ1017

Katja Cruz feat. Oliver Lake

Format CD + DVD
Cat No. RRJ1017
Barcode 8058456240206
Hexaphone is a cosmology of improvisation. These are the coordinates provided by the title of the new multi-form work published by Rudi Records. A multimedia project led by Austrian singer Katja Cruz. The "Hexaphone" music is the real-time interpretation of graphic scores based on the geometry  of the platonic bodies. Furthermore  the complex geometry of the " flower of life" and the "hexagram" appear as a source of inspiration for the music comprised in "Hexaphone. Special guest of the project: the great saxophonist Oliver Lake, major founder of the historic "Black Artists Group" from St. Louis and of legendary World Saxophone Quartet. Completing the quintet, Andrea Massaria (guitar ) Howard Curtis (drums) Patrick Dunst (bass clarinet , flute , sax ) and Patrik Lechner (electronics and visuals.) Dense and imaginative music produced by the magical interplay between the musicians, sound and image. An effect perfectly captured through audio (CD) and video (DVD).

    1. Hexahedron - Earth (10:36)
    2. Octahedron - Air (9:24)
    3. Icosahedron - Water (8:12)
    4. Dodecahedron - Ether, The Universe (9:33)
    5. Hexagon (10:20)
    6. Hexagram (10:02)
    7. The Flower Of Life (12:12)

clip video

Line up
Katja Cruz (A), voice
Oliver Lake (USA), alto sax
Andrea Massaria (I), guitar
Howard Curtis (A/USA), drums
Patrick Dunst (A) alto sax, bass clarinet, alto flute, duduk
Patrik Lechner (A), electronics, visuals

Recording Information
Music by Katja Cruz
Recorded December 10th 2012, Generalmusikdirektion Graz, Austria
Recording, mix and mastering, Florian Krusche, A&O Studios Graz
Photos by Dominik Kreuzer
Art by Ale Sordi

Neuroplastic Groove

Neuroplastic Groove - Porta Palace Collective RRJ1031

Porta Palace Collective

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1031
Barcode 8058456240343
The return of the Porta Palace Collective on Rudi Records. Following their great debut album, realized in cooperation with Giancarlo Schiaffini, the ensemble from Turin is back as an open form group augmented by Natsuki Tamura on trumpet and pianist Satoko Fuji, the American drummer Jimmy Weinstein and the already mentioned Giancarlo Schiaffini on trombone. The album makes another step toward the core of a jazz oriented Creative Music, and if compared to the previous work, it shows an even more extrovert and inclusive approach. Here is a wide soundscape based on long collective improvisations that gradually develop towards some great scores and themes. The core of the group consists of Johnny Lapio (trumpet), Lilly Santon (vocal), Giuseppe Ricupero (sax) Lino Mei (Fender Rhodes) and Gianmaria Ferrario (double bass).

  1. Neuroplastic Groove (Lapio) (9:29)
  2. E Lei Non Disse Molto Altro (Lapio) (4:40)
  3. Fantasy (Weinstein) (4:56)
  4. Micro Texture And Low Cluster (Weinstein) (9:15)
  5. Leaders (Schiaffini) (8:11)
  6. Come Fosse Autunno (Schiaffini) (8:14)

Line up

Johnny Lapio, trumpet, bubble harmon
Natsuki Tamura, trumpet, harmon, toys
Giancarlo Schiaffini
, trombone
Giuseppe Ricupero, tenor sax
Lilly Santon, voice
Satoko Fujii, piano
Lino Mei, febder rhodes
Gianmaria Ferrario, double bass
Jimmy Weinstein, drums

Recording Information
Recorded, mixed and mastered November 2015 by Alessandro Taricco & Gianmaria Ferrario, Riverside Studio, Turin, Italy
Photos by Silvia Danesi
Art by Ale Sordi

Le Oche di Lorenz

Le Oche di Lorenz - Rudi Records RRJ1018

Bruno Tommaso

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1018
Barcode 8058456240213
From the late sixties, bassist and composer Bruno Tommaso is active in the jazz Italian smarter and less trendy oriented scene of the moment. During his long career, Tommaso has collaborated with top level musicians and groups, including: Enrico Rava, Giorgio Gaslini, Gruppo Romano Free Jazz, Paolo Fresu and Italian Instabile Orchestra. With the new album entitled "Le Oche di Lorenz", Tommaso is developing a small and precious work of creative jazz. Musically we are facing a strategic crossroads between jazz, improvisation, modern classical music and literature. The influences declared include names like Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Bela Bartok, John Coltrane, Maurice Ravel, Erik Satie, Benny Golson and William Shakespeare. All this in the hands of a beautiful and unusual line-up consisting of Martina Grossi’s voice, a clarinet quartet composed by Gianluigi Trovesi, Achille Succi, Nico Gori and Mirco Mariottini, together with the rhythm by Sergio Corbini (piano) Piero Leveratto (bass) and Paolo Corsi (drums and percussion)

  1. Oh, che bel mattino (12 (8:19)
  2. Alea Jacta Est (3:30)
  3. Il gioco delle coppie (4:39)
  4. La contrada dell'Oca (04:03)
  5. Ritorna sui tuoi passi (03:13)
  6. E chi non vuol perder non gioc. (3:36)
  7. Le Oche giulive (07:02)
  8. O-che Ockegem (05:49)
  9. Le Oche di Lorenz (5:40)
  10. Piazza delle Oche (5:58)

Line up
Bruno Tommaso, Director and Arranger
Nico Gori and Achille Succi, clarinet
Gianluigi Trovesi, alto clarinet
Mirco Mariottini, bass clarinet
Sergio Corbini, piano
Piero Leveratto, bass
Paolo Corsi, drums, percussion
Martina Grossi, voice

Recording Information
All music by Bruno Tommaso execpt #7 by Martina Grossi; #10 by Grossi, Tommaso
Recorded 2012, 22/23th Sept., by Senio Corbini, Fortezza dei Medici, Siena
Mixed and Mastered July 2013 by Senio Corbini, Studio Narada, Siena
Photos by Senio Corbini
Art by Ale Sordi

"In fact, the fate of the goose lends itself to a sociological, or even socio-political, reading. Is it different from the perspective of the citizen, mildly but firmly forced to feed themselves with television or other drugs, to become no longer subject, but the object of the (free) market? And what about the lack of deep feelings, and the subsequent frantic and sometimes illusionary search for themselves that , in the current system of communication technology, and therefore inevitably more elusive and less controllable, makes us become attached to the wrong people or the wrong ideas?" Bruno Tommaso


October Songs

Live in Sant'Anna Arresi 2013 - Rudi Records RRJ1029

Eugenio Colombo Raffaella Misiti play the songs of Leonard Cohen

Format CD
Cat No. RRW1001
This is a short trip into the huge repertoire of Leonard Cohen, played by the human voice and the voice of a saxophone : a very peculiar combination of sounds crossing over jazz, folk and free improvisation. The lyrics have become a script rather than a plot, so as it is music, heading to poetry, freedom of expression and legitimate fun.

  1. You know who I am (5:09)
  2. So Long Marianne (4:09)
  3. Dance Me To The End Of Love (3:59)
  4. Stories of the Street (2:45)
  5. Little America (3:50)
  6. Hallelujah (2:57)
  7. Suzanne (4:18)
  8. Teachers (4:50)
  9. Bird On the Wire (5:20)
  10. If it Be Your Will (2:01)

Line up
Eugenio Colombo: sax, flute
Raffaella Misiti: voice

Recording Information
Recorded and mixed October 2010 by Luca Spagnoletti, Rome
Photo by Paolo Soriani
Art by Ale Sordi


Canarie by Honest John - Rudi Records RRJ1020

Honest John

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1019
Barcode 8058456240220
This young Scandinavian quintet impresses for the actual ability to get through and integrate different styles and music languages. Declared or not, among their influences, we'll notice some apparently divergent associations, spanning from Dutch Free Jazz, through some unidentified folk echoes, to the serious music of composers like Webern and Sciarrino, The uninhibited and energetic sound of Honest John develops with great agility through the combination of different strategies such as open forms and complex structures. The group's original musical path appears as perfectly coherent within the Northern European Creative Music tradition.

  1. Laacs (4:21)
  2. Canarie (5:26)
  3. Chachas (5:19)
  4. Happy Guigue (5:19)
  5. Tresko Og Ost (6:41)
  6. Mimolette (5:21)
  7. Hollandsk Calypso (7:53)

Line up
Ole-Henrik Moe, violin
Kim Johannesen, guitar, banjo
Ola Høyer, bass
Erik Nylander, drums
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, alto sax, clarinet

Recording Information
All Music by Klaus Ellerhusen Holm
Recorded June 24/25th 2013, Kolbotn Curch, Kolbotn, Norway
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Thomas Hukkelberg, November 2013
Photo by Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
Art by Ale Sordi


Geografias by Ana Karina Rossi - Rudi Records RRW1002

Ana Karina Rossi

Format CD
Cat No. RRW1002
Barcode 8058456240022
"Los misterios que el poeta a la tumba se llevò son casi mitologia, barro y cielo de las eras... geografias de la almohada y amor y - o - sexo en razon de sinrazones humanas" Horacio Ferrer

  1. Tu palida voz (2:54)
  2. Los Mareados (3:34)
  3. La Cumparsita (3:42)
  4. Tu cuerpo (3:30)
  5. Milonga sentimental (2:18)
  6. El dia que me quieras (4:53)
  7. Burdel (3:53)
  8. Que nadie sepa mi sufrir (3:14)
  9. Grisel (3:47)
  10. Mano a Mano (4:19)
  11. Milonga de Ojos Dorados (2:21)
  12. Flor de Lino (2:51)
  13. No te salves (2:52)
  14. Geografias (2:07)

Line up
Ana Karina Rossi, voice
Federico Ferrandina, guitar
Javier Salnisky, bandoneon
Alessandro Belli, doublebass

Recording Information
Arrangements by Federico Ferrandina & Ana Karina Rossi
Recorded on January 2011 Monkey Studio by Lucio Leoni
Mixed on February 2011 Cantoberon Multimedia by Massimiliano Nevi
Cover by Kathleen Flores
Art by Ale Sordi


Hypermodern - Rudi Records RRJ1020

Massimo De Mattia quartet

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1020
Barcode 8058456240237
After releasing Black Novel his first release on Rudi Records, the Italian flutist Massimo De Mattia is back again with a brand new album as confirmation of a wide, complex music personality. In this new album De mattia presents a sensitive and strong quartet comprising some fine and expert musicians such as Luigi Vitale (vibraphone) Giovanni Maier (double bass) and Alessandro Mansutti (drums) The music produced under the provocative title of "Hypermodern" shows a large and  transparent sound texture based on a particular instrumental combination of flute, vibraphone, bass and percussion. The album through a sequence of carefully compositional areas, never incidental and always dominated by a clear narrative approach. Open music naturally flowing through the quartet's pulsating and relaxed drive.

  1. Lands Beyond (5:58)
  2. Hypermodern (3:23)
  3. Still Life Alive (8:24)
  4. Zeit (5:10)
  5. Proxemics (5:06)
  6. A Non-Place Odyssey (5:07)
  7. Entropy (5:11)
  8. Way Out (5:34)

Line up
Massimo De Mattia, flutes
Giovanni Maier, doublebass
Luigi Vitale, vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Alessandro Mansutti, drums, percussion

Recording Information
All compositions by De Mattia, Maier, Vitale, Mansutti
Recorded, mixed and mastered Sept/Oct 2013, by Claudio Zambenedetti, ImputLevel Studio, San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso) Italy
Cover photo: “Zeit” by Massimo Poldelmengo
Art by Ale Sordi

Wind & Slap

Wind & Slap by Schiaffini Tramontana - Rudi Records RRJ1001

Giancarlo Schiaffini Sebi Tramontana

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1001
Barcode 8058456240015
Giancarlo Schiaffini and Sebi Tramontana have much in common, in music and not. They are both trombonists and members of the Italian Instabile Orchestra, Tramontana plays in Schiaffini’s Phantabrass and they have often been on stage together on several occasions. They got together in studio, to voice reciprocally their musicality. The Cd Wind & Slap catches them in a moment of dialogue: intense, sincere, and open. The music is a fascinating story they are recounting each other, like a series of tableau one can listen to in a sequence, as movements in a suite. The masterly use of voice as an instrument, similar to a trombone, and the variety of tones of the harmon are fused in the great ability of the two musicians to invent. The first 13 tracks are recorded in studio, while the last 3 were captured live during a concert. Here the atmosphere changes and the live sound becomes more trenchant, the sensual cosines of the recording studio gives way to a more direct expression, open to the interaction with the audience. Giancarlo Schiaffini’s yearly experience in jazz and improvisation, due also to the collaboration with Luigi Nono, is confronting here with the improvisatory language of Sebi Tramontana developed within European improvisation music. Listening to the cd one recognizes a complicity between the two musicians that is never exaggerated, in their spontaneity the two are always careful in weaving an improvised counterpoint, as two old pals would do.
Wind & Slap is an intense dialogue, sincere and straightforward, made of sinuous complementary lines.  Music is a fascinating intimate account, a succession of consecutive paintings that gain the hearing in a sequence – like smooth moves in a solitary suite.  When it comes to live tracks, the dialogue, enhanced by a third element, goes at a faster pace and music is tinged with bluesy tones.

  1. Quiet as a Bone (3:07)
  2. As Tone lies Lost (1:54)
  3. As the Heartless Ghost (5:21)
  4. As they Dive (2:12)
  5. As in my Bones (2:22)
  6. This Shade (3:08)
  7. Beautiful Roots (3:45)
  8. Holy Leaves (3:00)
  9. In the Wind's Wakes (1:49)
  10. As a Purple Sofa (3:20)
  11. She was Still Stoned (4:10)
  12. As an Empty Stone (2:18)
  13. As a Strange Tongue (3:16)
  14. About Sleepwalkers and Wind (5:06)
  15. Stones and Deadwood (6:58)
  16. Wind and Slap (4:30)

clip video "Live in Ruvo" Talos Festival

Line up
Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, euphonium, tuba
Sebi Tramontana, trombone, euphonium

Recording Information
Music by Giancarlo Schiaffini Sebi Tramontana
Tracks 1-13 Recorded and Mixed on May 2010 by Simone Satta, Rome
Tracks 14-16 Recorded Live in Rome on May 2010, Mixed by Lucio Leoni, Rome
Photo by Alessandro Carpentieri
Art by Ale Sordi

What follow is an excerpt of the review by music critic Mario Gamba of the concert during which the last two tracks were recorded. “… at the Flexi they are showing off pleasantness. They are exhibiting their love for classical, never searching for the roots and other amenities. They also convey samples of ultra-free phrases that prove to be extremely original and fresh, right there where improvisation is dangerously scattered with cliché. Are they totally improvising? Not exactly, in several tunes they go round a sort of a base, merging mumbles and noises with soft singable melodic motifs…”


When We Forgot The Melody Vol.2

When We Forgot The Melody Vol.2 - Rudi Records RRJ1021

Dimitri Grechi Espinoza Tito Mangialajo Rantzer

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1021
Barcode 8058456240244
Nearly three years following the success of the first chapter of When We Forgot The Melody, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza and Tito Mangialajo Rantzer once again plunge into the depths of a proudly spontaneous set of music. The duo’s natural drive and virtuosity appear to be intact, with the resulting music displaying all the concrete but elusive creativity to be found in an instantaneous composition set to the jazz vein. The luxuriantly shaped lines of Espinoza’s alto sax make for a perfect match with Mangialajo’s bass, while five of the eight tracks also feature the drumming of the exquisitely talented Riccardo Chiaberta (an up-and-coming star of the Milan jazz scene), successfully extending the scope of an already far-reaching instrumental dialogue.

  1. Troubled Friends * (6:14)
  2. Hard Reed (11:18)
  3. Start/n Stop (8:36)
  4. Medium * (8:15)
  5. When We Broke The Bass (5:18)
  6. Speaking Blue * (3:49)
  7. Thorn * (4:18)
  8. Grow(L)ing Brushes * (5:27)

Line up
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, alto sax
Tito Mangialajo Rantzer, doublebass
* Riccardo Chiaberta, drums

Recording Information
All Music by Grechi Espinoza, Mangialajo Rantzer (except * Grechi Espinoza, Mangialajo Rantzer, Chiaberta)
Recorded and Mastered February 2014, Milano by Stefano Spina
Cover photo by Valerio Desideri
Art by Ale Sordi

Holidays in Siena

Holidays in Siena by Sabir Mateen Silvia Bolognesi - Rudi Records RRJ1002

Sabir Mateen Silvia Bolognesi

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1002
Barcode 8058456240039
Poetry's strength is unexpected. It always surprises us, probably because there is lesser and lesser of it around us. It overcomes geographic distance, generational features and language differences. It drags us to a sublime level, since it moves into a space without reference points and crosses the boundaries of what we can see, hear think and imagine. But how it comes that we speak of poetry for a musical artifact? Because Sabir Mateen and Silvia Bolognesi, in "Holidyas in Siena", are poets, first of all. Far from a worn out romantic concept (inspiration, destiny…) they create sounds, mix, contrasts, silence spots, that show not only contemporary anxiety but also the joy of playing together. Not only Mateen and Bolognesi have all this and much more, but they are also driven elsewhere, far away, by their poetic license that set them free. So far away that somebody will not like "Holidays in Siena". Perhaps the same person in which no consequences are left by Fontana's scratches, by Rothko colors, by Joyce words or by Cage's silences. Because poetry, music, art are for everyone, but not everyone knows it.

  1. Glory (Mateen) (8:46)
  2. 2 with 3 (Bolognesi, Mateen) (1:03)
  3. Walts for Jack (Bolognesi) (8:57)
  4. Flavio's wine (Mateen) (5:59)
  5. Double S (Bolognesi, Mateen) (0:56)
  6. It will be heaven in 2011 (Mateen) (12:36)
  7. Hugs (Bolognesi) (10:58)
  8. Sunset in Legoli (Mateen) (7:46)

clip video "Live in Rome"

Line up
Sabir Mateen, alto & tenor sax, flute, piccolo, Bb clarinet
Silvia Bolognesi, doublebass

Recording Information
Recorded on 29th December 2010 by Antonio Castiello, Teatro dei Varii, Colle Val D'Elsa (Si), Italy
Mixed by Antonio Castiello, Spazio Zero
Photo by Alessandro Carpentieri
Art by Ale Sordi


(In)Obediens - Rudi Records RRJ1022

Fabio Sartori Marco Colonna Cristiano Calcagnile

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1022
Barcode 8058456240251
The rich, wide-ranging sound produced by Marco Colonna’s reeds makes for an intense counterpoint to the elegant notes of Fabio Sartori’s piano and the bounty of Cristian Calcagnile’s masterful percussion. The trio’s music, clearly identifiable with the strengths of a jazz that possesses both the awareness and the willingness to embrace adventure, explores a natural sequence of alternating moments. Broad, reflective stretches are interspersed with vigorous clusters of notes, as the three players consistently bring to their music an intriguing clarity of form, an unflagging feel for the lyrical and a remarkable gift for collective interplay.

  1. Frame (5:36)
  2. Frenetic Dance (4:28)
  3. (In)Obediens (8:58)
  4. Flex Frame (4:17)
  5. Impro#1 (5:23)
  6. Celebra(L)tion Day (3:38)
  7. Arlequin (6:49)

Line up
Marco Colonna, bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor sax
Fabio Sartori, piano
Cristiano Calcagnile, drums, percussions

Recording Information
Recorded November 2013 / February 2014, by Clive Simpson, Extrabeat Studio, Rome
Mixed March 2014, by Clive Simpson and Fabio Sartori, Extrabeat Studio, Rome
Cover photo: Samuele Niccolini
Art by Ale Sordi

"(In)Obediens is a play on words that signifies deep listening. There, where the creative thrust arises, often in contrast to what lays outwards. That means a disobedience, the refusal of established  and preconstituded models. Improvisation is the way. The opening and ending themes are written, as the parentheses in the title. The rest is a discovery within every instant shared among the musicians. The title track represents this work at its best." Fabio Sartori



Re-Union by Satta Bellatalla Spera - Rudi Records RRJ1004

Sandro Satta Roberto Bellatalla Fabrizio Spera

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1004
Barcode 8058456240053
A trio whose character, musical impact and improvisational flair is nothing less than attention-grabbing. Satta, Bellatalla and Spera’s distinctive voices and different influences achieve a masterful collective dialogue within a tight, solid musical unit. Fragments of ideas and motifs are taken up, developed and combined into a superb and remarkably unique act. Re-Union is passionate, creative, music, capable of leaving an unmistakable mark on those fortunate enough to hear it.

  1. Light Lions (9:58)
  2. Aria (8:18)
  3. All Hostages (5:35)
  4. Walkies (9:43)
  5. Estremo Est (7:45)
  6. Sambuco (8:39)

clip video "Live in Rome"

Line up
Sandro Satta, alto sax
Roberto Bellatalla, doublebass
Fabrizio Spera, drums

Recording Information
All Music by Satta, Bellatalla, Spera
Recorded Live at “Riunione di Condominio” Rome 9 april 2011 by Lucio Leoni
Mixed and Mastered by Lucio Leoni, Monkey Studio, Rome, May-June 2011
Photo by Alessandro Carpentieri
Art by Ale Sordi

Are You Ready? Viaggio al Centro del Violino Vol. 2

Viaggio al Centro del Violino Vol.2 - Rudi Records RRJ1023

Emanuele Parrini

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1023
Barcode 8058456240268
One year after the great success of Viaggio al centro del violino Emanuele Parrini is back to perform the second part of his work for which he has deservedly drawn the attention of both the public and the critics. On this occasion, Parrini abandons the solo performance to continue his travel in company. And what a company! He develops a sextet, strengthened by the presence of several outstanding names of different generations deriving from the Italian jazz scene. Apart from the leader and his inseparable violin, the group features such names as Piero Bittolo Bon - high sax and bass clarinet - Pasquale Innarella - horn and tenor sax, Pasquale Mirra - vibraphone, Silvia Bolognesi - bass Tiziano Tononi - drums and the voices of Claudia Tellini and Titta Nesti. The album, organized as a sequence of three different suites, integrates original compositions with songs by Archie Shepp, Roswell Rudd and John Tchicai – all names expressing a clear path of reference of authentic spiritual and musical inspiration. It is the new phase of a travel throughout the social and spiritual values of jazz, between past, present and future.

  1. The Funeral (A. Shepp) (6:21)
  2. Are You Ready? #2 (E. Parrini, B. Scardino) (6:26)
  3. Fragments * (E. Parrini) (3:05)
  4. Rosmosis (R. Rudd) (5:23)
  5. The Spiritual Man *,** (J. Tchicai) (5:14)
  6. Blues P #2 (E. Parrini, B. Scardino) + Black Violin * (E. Parrini ) (13:27)

Line up
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Piero Bittolo Bon, alto sax, bass clarinet
Pasquale Innarella, french horn, tenor sax
Pasquale Mirra, vibes
Silvia Bolognesi, doublebass
Tiziano Tononi, drums
*Claudia Tellini, voice
**Titta Nesti, voice

Recording Information
Recorded June 2013 by Lucio Leoni & Francesco Lo Cascio, ILR Studio, Rome, and July 2014 by Flavio Lenzi, Montecatini
Mixed July 2014 Lucio Leoni & Francesco Lo Cascio, ILR Studio, Rome
Mastered October 2014, by Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milan
Art by Ale Sordi


Boparte by Giuliano Tull - Rudi Records RRJ1003

Giuliano Tull quartet

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1003
Barcode 8058456240046
"Bebop as a form of freedom. Charlie Parker sifts through Ornette Coleman to rediscover the taste of unfamiliar streets in a time of standardization and conventionality. A look at the past, to history to imagine the future without reservation.  Giuliano Tull has found a great group of musicians to give life to his ideas, combining rigor and humor. Sense of history, free spirit, collective incentives, passion and reason: the ingredients of true art. Bop+Art. It’s done." Claudio Sessa

  1. Boparte (7:13)
  2. C20 (6:29)
  3. Corto (5:10)
  4. Lucifero's cabaret (4:46)
  5. My Works (6:36)
  6. Onda lunga (7:36)
  7. Wingroks (8:51)

Line up
Giuliano Tull, alto sax
Lauro Rossi, trombone
Giovanni Maier, doublebass
Luca Colussi, drums

Recording Information
All music by Giuliano Tull
Recorded & Mixed on July 2009 by Stefano Amerio, Artesuono Recording Studios, Cavalicco, Italy
Art by Ale Sordi

Porta Palace Collective

Porta Palace Collective - Rudi Records RRJ1024

Porta Palace Collective

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1024
Barcode 8058456240275
A young quintet, headed by Johnny Lapio, born within the context of a music school established in Turin (Arcote Jazz Torino), which chose jazz as an educational tool for the socially complex reality of the district of Porta Palazzo. Directed by Giancarlo Schiaffini, one of the true masters of Italian contemporary jazz, the team presents an openly multiform repertoire, a mobile sound construction where languages intersect, leaving ample room to individual voices. Despite the wide range of materials employed – open blues and sinuous ballads, free jazz passages, reggae diversions, echoes of Art Ensemble and sound notes of European origin - the group proves to be very close in producing its extremely lively music. Johnny Lapio, trumpet, Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, Giuseppe Ricupero, tenor sax, Lino Mei, piano, Gianmaria Ferrario, counterbass, Ruben Bellavia, drums.

  1. Old Fashioned (9:55)
  2. Scatole in movimento (8:29)
  3. 7 Mosquitos (10:31)
  4. Sòla sotto le stelle (8:19)
  5. Bird's Love (9:43)
  6. 4 Situazioni incresciose (7:39)

Line up
Johnny Lapio, trumpet
Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone
Giuseppe Ricupero, tenor sax
Lino Mei, piano
Gianmaria Ferrario, double bass
Ruben Bellavia, drums

Recording Information
All music by Giancarlo Schiaffini
Recorded and Mixed April 2014 by Alessandro Taricco & Gianmaria Ferrario, Arcote Jazz, Turin
Art by Ale Sordi

Black Ol' Blues

Black Ol' Blues - Black Hole Quartet - Rudi Records RRJ1029

Black Hole Quartet

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1005
Barcode 8058456240060
Black Hole is a cooperative unit which focuses on different languages and expressions. The band freely blends past and present  in a music that is collective and often far from the usual "theme-solos" kind of set up. The four musicians work as a whole, a unit in which every single musician has the possibility to freely express himself. The sound of the quartet is well defined by the warm sound of Daniele Cavallanti's tenor saxophone, the more harsh expressions of Walter Donatiello's and Michelangelo Flammia's electric guitars and bass, and the rich rhythmic textures of Tiziano Tononi's drums. The different pieces of the band's repertoire develop in a constant balance between form and freedom, in which composition and improvisation blend together with unusual fluency.

"Black bundaries, no frontiers, no limits to imagination, the electric saga of where contemporary jazz musicians push themselves, to re-affirm once again their love for freedom." Tiziano Tononi

  1. Black Ol' Blues (Cavallanti) (11.51)
  2. Minotauro (Donatiello) (7:10)
  3. Red Moon (Tononi) (11:03)
  4. Skies On Fire (Tononi) (10:52)
  5. Icarus (Donatiello) (7:19)
  6. alto Max (10:28)

clip video Black Hole 4et feat. Gianluigi Trovesi

Line up
Daniele Cavallanti, tenor/baritone sax, nay flute
Walter Donatiello, electric guitar
Michelangelo Flammia, electric bass
Tiziano Tononi, drums

Recording Information
Recorded July 2010, Lab Service Studio, Milan, by Stefano Spina
Mixed Fall 2010, AnM Studio, Pessano con Bornago, by Andrea Marinelli and Tiziano Tononi
Mastered at NewMastering Studio, Milan, by Maurizio Giannotti
Cover by Massimo Facchinetti
Art by Ale Sordi

The Surface Of An Object

The Surface Of An Object - Rudi Records RRJ1025

Trio (mit) Marlene

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1025
Barcode 8058456240282
In music, space is a measure of time, and shapes exist as a result of a time procedure just like, according to Calvino, the narration of a story is an operation in duration. A sculpture is a sculpture, which is to say, an object. As soon as it starts to breath or to grow, though, it becomes something else and the improviser must come to terms with this new reality, and make decisions. Similarly, we as musicians must decide what 'material' ultimately means to us and whether it's necessary that a horse or a human face should be drawn like objects, having the same capacity for a surface and the same presence of an armchair or a cubist guitar. And, of course, we are expected to know how to play that cubist guitar. It's part of the craft. Giacomo Merega

  1. The physical margins of the novel (11:26)
  2. How to build a wall with your head (12:18)
  3. Life's a photograph (7:05)
  4. How it always vanishes (Kokoschka) (7:47)

Line up
Giacomo Merega, bass guitar
Michaël Attias, alto saxophone, Wurlitzer piano
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion

Recording Information
Compositions by Giacomo Merega
Recorded in November 2013, by Drew Vogelman, The Garden, Brooklyn NY
Mixed and mastered in March 2014, by Drew Vogelman, The Garden, Brooklyn NY
Art by Ale Sordi

When We Forgot The Melody

When We Forgot The Melody - Rudi Records RRJ1006

Dimitri Grechi Espinoza Tito Mangialajo Rantzer

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1006
Barcode 8058456240077
The title When we forgot the melody suggests a period of leave, even a little 'ironic, of the melody. As a matter of fact the path, that in this work leads towards  the uncharted territory of improvisation, gives way to the constant return of a melodic breath, which is never a limit, never a homesickness, but a fertile thrust bearing to the freedom of a research that tends to a sort of musical unfinished.
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza and Tito Mangialajo Rantzer, with the right mix and  with a  quite curt but decidedly inspired gait, chase the deep  reason for this inspired personal reasearch of their own which, suddenly developed in a recording session, can be considered as a full tribute to the sonorous atmospheres and the  poetic world of two great musicians like Lee Konitz and Red Mitchell.

  1. When we forgot the melody (3:13)
  2. 2nd time we forgot the melody (3:12)
  3. 3rd time we forgot the melody (3:17)
  4. 4th time we forgot the melody (5:04)
  5. 5th time we forgot the melody (3:10)
  6. 6th time we forgot the melody (4:39)
  7. 7th time we forgot the melody (3:48)
  8. 8th time we forgot the melody (4:56)
  9. 9th time we forgot the melody (4:30)

Line up
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, alto sax
Tito Mangialajo Rantzer, doublebass

Recording Information
All Music by Grechi Espinoza, Mangialajo Rantzer
Recorded April 2011,  by Stefano Spina, Milan
Mixed and mastered Septemberl 2011,  by Stefano Spina, Milan
Cover photo by Valerio Desideri
Art by Ale Sordi

Sounds Of Hope

Sounds of Hope - Rudi Records RRJ1026

Daniele Cavallanti & The Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1026
Barcode 8058456240299
After the outstanding Faces and Tales, Daniele Cavallanti is back on Rudi Records with a new, celebrative album. In his over forty years career, the Milano based saxophone player has often been working with large ensembles (Nexus Orchestra, Jazz Chromatic Ensemlbe, Instabile...). The Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble is based on this experience; a large ensemble which is a real “manifesto” of the present creative scene of Milano. Cavallanti presents a dense repertoire both of original music with dedications to Joe Henderson, Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell, as well as Wayne Shorter and Mongezi Feza’s arrangements like the irresistible “Sonia” and epic “You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me”. The Ensemble is formed by 14 musicians ranging from some “veterans” of the milanese jazz scene like Riccardo Luppi, Angiolo Tarocchi, Massimo Falascone, Alberto Tacchini, Luca Calabrese, Beppe Caruso, Paolo Botti and the inseparable Tiziano Tononi. The music flows both lyrical and impetuous between different and strict collective organizations and wide sections for the various soloists.

  1. The Joe Rivers Blues (D. Cavallanti) (11:22)
  2. You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me (Mongezi Feza) (7:14)
  3. The Boss (B. Caruso) (6:42)
  4. Braxtown (D. Cavallanti) (12:28)
  5. Chief Crazy Horse (Wayne Shorter) (arranger: Angiolo Tarocchi) (8:43)
  6. Sonia (Mongezi Feza) (10:23)
  7. You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me - reprise (Mongezi Feza) (1:54)

Line up
Daniele Cavallanti, tenor sax
Riccardo Luppi, alto & soprano sax, flute
Gianluca Elia, tenor sax (bass sax on Braxtown)
Massimo Falascone, baritone & sopranino sax, (contrabass sax on Braxtown)
Francesco Chiapperini, bass clarinet, alto sax, flute
Luca Calabrese, trumpet
Beppe Caruso, trombone
Paolo Botti, viola, cornet
Gianluca Alberti, bass (right channel)
Valerio Della Fonte, bass (left channel)
Toni Boselli, drums (right channel)
Tiziano Tononi, drums, percussion, gongs (left channel)

Recording Information
Recorded June 22nd 2014, by Giuseppe Emanuele, New Art Recording Studio, Uboldo (Milan)
Mixed and mastered September 2014, by Andrea Rainoldi, Reverse Studio, Milan
Art by Ale Sordi

Hear in Now

Hear in Now by Swift Reid Bolognesi - Rudi Records RRJ1007

Mazz Swift Tomeka Reid Silvia Bolognesi

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1007
Barcode 8058456240084
I see three small boats with three musicians crossing this lovely lake of sound they reach the shore and it began to rain sunlight.
If the same piece of music is played multiple times it will take on a new life at each performance. When improvisation is added the music becomes new music that did not exist before. The music I speak about is the music coming from “HEAR in NOW”, the trio consisting of Mazz Swift on violin, Tomeka Reid on cello and Silvia Bolognesi on bass. They begin by telling us stories, these stories have all kinds of twists and turns plots and counterplots. They may go back into history or move forward into the future. The catalyst is the moment, the spontaneous now!

  1. Cakewalk (Swift) (2:16)
  2. Spiderwoman (Bolognesi) (4:11)
  3. Bassolo (Swift) (4:57)
  4. Far East Suite (Bolognesi)
  5. La città di Lop (6:09)
  6. L'albero secco (4:27)
  7. Effendi (5:08)
  8. Ova (Reid) (6:05)
  9. Impro 1 (Swift, Reid, Bolognesi ) (5:45)
  10. Ponce (Reid) (7:51)
  11. Malitalian lullaby (Bolognesi) (6:52)

Line up
Mazz Swift, violin
Tomeka Reid, cello
Silvia Bolognesi, doublebass

Recording Information
Tracks #1,2,8,9 Recorded and Mixed August 2010, Spazio Zero, Livorno, by Antonio Castiello
Tracks #3,4,5,6,7,10 Recorded January 2010, Hoboken Recorders, Hoboken - New Jersey, by Alan J. Camlet
Mixed January 2010 by Antonio Castiello
Mastered January 2011 by Antonio Castiello
Photo by Nisha Sondhe
Art by Ale Sordi

New music
"If the same piece of music is played multiple times it will take on a new life at each performance. When improvisation is added the music becomes new music that did not exist before. The music I speak about is the music coming from “HEAR in NOW”, the trio consisting of Mazz Swift on violin, Tomeka Reid on cello and Silvia Bolognesi on bass. They begin by telling us stories, these stories have all kinds of twists and turns plots and counterplots. They may go back into history or move forward into the future. The catalyst is the moment, the spontaneous now! Each musician always plays many roles, the lead player shifts from musician to musician and just like any great theater troupe it goes way past theatre into a reality that is universal in it’s outreach. People of all races, ages and personalities can listen to this music and get caught up in its beautiful web of poetics. The musicians use sound hieroglyphics to set up structures that construct and deconstruct regrouping after every excursion. These compositions change hue and timbre landing at different positions then eventually returning to a place of silence. This is music with a new sensibility that flies and hops over fields of blues, jazz, bluegrass, classical, yet it is none of these things; it is MUSIC – nameless, eloquent, not locked into category. 12 illuminated strings singing, as one voice. (Bowing, plucking, pulling, strumming, tapping and scrapping to transform sound into tone) Writing sonnets that are full of drama, satire and pathos. This new music is based on love and respect for other human beings. Its tonic is not C major or G diminished; its tonic is compassion for all who live.
The songs created on this CD, as in all great music, speak for themselves – there is no need to decode anything. You can hear the love, the beauty, and the strength coming from this unique combination of young women, who dance together in rhythm, melody, space and time in order to have their individual voices heard. All of their entrances and exits are perfect. Not the stiff kind of perfection but the natural perfection that is connected to nature. “HEAR in NOW” is into it. They participate in both complex and simple conversations. The good thing is they have gratefully invited us to join them. We speak by listening. By going inside ourselves we can enter into this wonderful world of music. There are eight pieces of music on this CD. Three written by Silvia Bolognesi, two written by Mazz Swift and two penned by Tomeka Reid plus one composition that is composed by all of the players. There are all kinds of things happening every second. All I can say they are all wonderful.
SO keep listening. Discover for yourself. Listen and Listen again and again then listen some more until this music is part of your life." William Parker


Our Redemption

Our Redemption - Rudi Records RRJ1027

Francesco Chiapperini Extemporary Vision Ensemble

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1027
Barcode 8058456240305
One of the most original tribute to the art and life of the great Massimo Urbani. The extemporary Vision Ensemble led by saxophonist Francesco Chiapperini evokes the spirit and passion of the great saxophonist without going into bop, but along a creative round Suite where improvisation and written music follow one another in a deep and far-reaching narrative flow. The energy and inspiration of the performance appear intact, Massimo Urbani' spirit resonates freely, without citation, and in its most deep lyricism.

  1. Unconventional Lines (16:00)
  2. Remembering Max (17:01)
  3. Barbarian Growls (4:55)
  4. Ascending Down the Hell (4:39)
  5. No One Have to Forget (6:09)
  6. Invisible Spirits (6:13)

Line up
Francesco Chiapperini: alto sax, flute
Andrea Jimmy Catagnoli: alto sax
Gianluca Elia: soprano and tenor sax
Eloisa Manera: violin
Simone Quatrana: piano
Luca Pissavini: cello
Marco Rottoli: double bass
Filippo Sala: drums
Filippo Monico: drums and percussions

Recording Information
All music by Francesco Chiapperini
Recorded live March 2014, La Scighera, Milan, by InterPlay Recording Studio
Mixed October 2014, InterPlay Recording Studio, Milan, by Lorenzo Sempio
Mastered November 2014, New Mastering Studio, Milan
Photo by Pixie Verdi
Art by Ale Sordi

Black Novel

Black Novel by Massimo De Mattia - Rudi Records RRJ1008

Massimo De Mattia

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1008
Barcode 8058456240091
There is something unique about Massimo De Mattia in the world of Italian jazz and improvisational music. After spending the 1980s learning and playing with talented peers and the saxophonist Tom Kirk, his hard bop language turned down the path of free improvisation, a predominant but not exclusive characteristic of his music. This is a work which casts musical improvisation toward uncharted territories, but has its roots in history. It has an air of late 1970s free jazz about it, Loft Jazz, as well as contemporary overtones, but there’s no repetition of the past here. This is a breath of fresh air heralding the rediscovery of freedom.

  1. Hieronymus (6:47)
  2. Full Blue (2:08)
  3. Black Novel (8:15)
  4. Seppuku/Mishima (8:03)
  5. War Hole (5:13)
  6. Nitesco (1:47)
  7. Tortured Flowers (10:03)

Line up
Massimo De Mattia, flutes
Luigi Vitale, vibraphone, marimba
Denis Biason, guitars
Alessandro Turchet, double bass
Bruno Cesselli, piano

Recording Information
Nitesco ispired to the book “I Racconti di Nitesco” by Marco De Mattia, Rupe Mutevole Ed.
Full Blue in memory of Sara Moranduzzo
All compositions by De Mattia Vitale Biason Turchet Cesselli
Recorded, mixed and mastered December 2011 by Claudio Zambenedetti,
Imputlevel Studio, San Biagio di Callalta, Treviso Italy
Photo by Luca D'Agostino © phocus agency
Art by Ale Sordi

There is something unique about Massimo De Mattia in the world of Italian jazz and improvisational music. After spending the 1980s learning and playing with talented peers and the saxophonist Tom Kirk, his hard bop language turned down the path of free improvisation, a predominant but not exclusive characteristic of his music. All of his recordings, beginning with his first, ‘Poesie Pour Pasolini’ (1993) reflect this journey. With absolute relentless determination, he experimented with different scenarios:  the solo, small groups, orchestras and multidisciplinary performance (theater, figurative arts, and cinema). What makes De Mattia stand out is the thoroughness and consistency with which he explored these different contexts. For the past decade, De Mattia has focused on working continuously with one small band. The idea was to try to find musicians and a way of working together that was not like the dictates of mainstream jazz. What he sought was something organic or even a living “organism” where the musicians’ roles were not fixed.  As the band’s members and instruments changed, the only constant was the piano that was there from the start. Each change added resonance and personality to the “organism”, taking it towards a powerful, flexible and tight kind of music, which we see stronger than ever in this album. In these snapshot compositions, the lyrical aspect prevails, Full Blue dedicated to a friend’s passing, or tension taken to breaking point in Tortured Flowers. The rhythmic layering constantly changes with urgent pulsing and cyclical repetitions. Passages are deconstructed and reconstructed with all musicians playing continuously. We see this in Black Novel, where the double bass is the axis on which the entire piece spins and which all other instruments follow, while at the same time the bass emerges as a true story-telling soloist. This is a work which casts musical improvisation toward uncharted territories, but has its roots in history. It has an air of late 1970s free jazz about it, Loft Jazz, as well as contemporary overtones, but there’s no repetition of the past here. This is a breath of fresh air heralding the rediscovery of freedom. Flavio Massarutto



Malkuth - Rudi Records RRJ1028

Cisilino Orefice Vignato Magatelli Mansutti

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1028
Barcode 8058456240312
Malkuth's sound and the music finds shape through a process of natural improvisational based on mutual listening and dialogue between five musicians who have metabolized the language and practice of 1960s Jazz. Tunes gradually materialize from silence to rythmic, harmonic and melodic centers; an itinerary which develops collectively. The instrument voices are warm, never harsh or cynic - always tending to share narrative meaning.

  1. Solo per pazzi (2:40)
  2. Di corsa (3:50)
  3. Primo incontro (9:43)
  4. Le notti bianche (5:34)
  5. Grattacapo (1:33)
  6. Necessit&agrave (9:42)
  7. Veglia (9:02)
  8. Catena di smontaggio (6:01)
  9. Terra (4:17)

Line up
Mirko Cisilino, trumpet
Filippo Orefice, tenor sax
Filippo Vignato, trombone
Mattia Magatelli, doublebass
Alessandro Mansutti, drums

Recording Information
Music by Cisilino Orefice Vignato Magatelli Mansutti except #3, 4, 6, 7 by Cisilino
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Claudio Zambenedetti at Imputlevel Studio, San Biagio di Callalta (TV), Italy.
Recorded December 19, 2014
Cover and booklet photos by Giacomo Frison
Art by Ale Sordi

“Malkuth” means “realm”, the plane of reality where we live, here on Earth – the ever iridescent world where we laugh, cry, destroy and rebuild, where we give shape to our lives by improvising and reacting. Many cosmogonies tell of a primordial vibration from which everything comes. We gravitate, just like the planets, around our own axis and interact with others, with the sun at the center as the source of life at the heart of the organism. Everything significantly and effectively interacts with everything else. Everything is consciously or unconsciously substance and exchange. Infinite possibilities are the result. This is what the music of Malkuth aspires to be.


Live in Ventotene

Live in Ventotene - Rudi Records RRJ1009

Antonello Salis Giancarlo Schiaffini Mohssen Kasirossafar

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1009
Barcode 8058456240107
Live In Ventotene presents the two sessions of the last night at “Rumori dell’isola” Festival, held in September 2002. The event was opened by Antonello Salis’ solo, which we find in the first three tracks of the CD. His squeeze-box shouldered, Salis lets the music flow as a whole within himself – a soft, yet aggressive, humorous though physical music. The whole performance is characterized by extreme freedom of expression, the formal construction is constantly questioned. He surprises us at every moment; disorientation becomes a world without borders, where every direction is consistent, every certainty banned. Salis governs the entire performance with extreme musicality. The atmosphere changes in the next tracks. The music we hear is only part of the show attended by the audience in Ventotene. The element concealed by the sound support is the dance performance by Paola Campagna who, through the movement, inspires and gives shape to the musical dialogue by Mohssen Kasirossafar (zarb, daf) in duo with Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone), with the addition of Antonello Salis’ squeeze-box. The artist Salvatore Schiano of Colella completes the picture with an action painting performance. The three artists build a sound world full of contrasts, with melodies now lighter now more aggressive, where the sophisticated rhythmical figures of Mohssen Kasirossafar Persian percussions are a precious texture for the other musicians. Particularly interested in the care of sound and in determining the musical climate is Giancarlo Schiaffini, with his very dynamic phrasing, a thorough sound, full, sometimes harsh, that goes from the delicate use of wind instruments to scratchy growls. For the entire sessions, the three musicians maintain a high level of interaction, providing a formal balance to the music we listen to. A music that, free from scores, feeds on the spontaneous creativity of the individual musicians.

  1. Islands (Sa) (5:02)
  2. Feral Cats (Sa) (5:05)
  3. Morphologies (Sa) (5:49)
  4. Rotondo (Sa, Sc, Ka) (2:04)
  5. Via Lattea (Sc, Ka) (4:07)
  6. Respiro (Sc, Ka) (2:36)
  7. Parata Grande (Sa, Sc, Ka) (11:40)
  8. Fontanelle (Sa, Sc, Ka) (3:51)
  9. Ponte di Terra (Sa, Sc, Ka) (4:23)

Line up
Antonello Salis, accordion
Giancarlo Schiaffini,trombone
Mohssen Kasirossafar, zarb, daf

Recording Information
Recorded Sept. 2012, by Angelo Romano at 1° Ed. Festival Rumori nell'Isola, Ventotene, Italy
Mixed and mastered May 2012 by Lucio Leoni, Monkey Studio, Rome, Italy
Photo by Massimo Iudicone
Art by Ale Sordi

Live in Sant'Anna Arresi 2013

Live in Sant'Anna Arresi 2013 - Rudi Records RRJ1029

Dinamitri Jazz Folklore & Amiri Baraka

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1029
Barcode 8058456240329
Finally a new chance to hear again the voice of the great late Amiri Baraka. This is a live recordings from the sardinian festival of St. Anna Arresi, where Baraka appeared in 2013 with Dinamitri jazz Folklore, a marvelous Italian ensemble directed by alto saxophonist Dimitri Grechi Espinoza. The music takes shape from a sound ritual based on voice and bells, and it slowly develops through various soundscapes including echoes of Africa, deep Blues, modern Jazz fragments, tributes to Sun Ra, and highly infectious grooves. A tight combination of poetry, music arrangements and collective improvisation. A very strong sound narrative built aound the Baraka's unforgettable voice and words.

  1. Kongo Bells (4:20)
  2. Amiri’s Blues (7:00)
  3. Akendengue (12:30)
  4. When Amiri Was in Africa (9:35)
  5. The Slave Singing (4:25)
  6. Baraka (2:30)
  7. Sun Ra (10:00)
  8. Terra (4:25)
  9. Aria (2:00)
  10. There Really Was An Africa (10:00)

Line up
Amiri Baraka, voice
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, alto sax
Simone Padovani, percussions
Gabrio Baldacci, electric guitar
Giuseppe Scardino, baritone sax
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Paolo “PeeWee” Durante, hammond, keyboards, live electronics
Andrea Melani, drums

Recording Information
Music by Dimitri Grechi Espinoza except #10 by Paolo PeeWee Durante
Recorded live on August 29th 2013 at “Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz”, Sant’Anna Arresi (CI) by Paolo Zucca
Mixed and mastered May 2014, by Stefano Spina, Milan
Photo by Luciano Rossetti
Art by Ale Sordi

"After the death of Amiri Baraka, as mutually agreed with Rudi Records and the organizers of Sant’Anna Arresi jazz festival, we decided to pay him a tribute through this recording, that features our last concert in the 2013 edition of the festival, dedicated to Sun Ra. Our brief journey with Amiri had begun in 2008 thanks to the “Akendengue Suite”, in which he had brilliantly recited some excerpts from his book Wise, Why’s, Y’s: The Griot’s Song Djeli Ya, thereby adding a voice to our music: a profound and human voice, as only a true griot could render. Thus, we had the opportunity to know and appreciate a genuine poet of the African American culture, a mild-mannered and pugnacious man using his voice to create stories of social relevance converted into “myths” for the contemporaries. As an African American, he became aware that the symbolic meaning of the African sound/gesture of “superhuman inspiration” had been forgotten in jazz music and replaced by one of “human inspiration”. Through his book Blues People Amiri made us familiar with an inner point of view about the history of jazz, an essential and truthful history, without adding useless frills and remarks. For all these reasons, we of Dinamitri, shall be always grateful to him." Dimitri Grechi Espinoza



Zarja-Tay - Rudi Records RRJ1010

Saadet Turkoz Giovanni Maier Zlatko Kaucic

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1010
Barcode 8058456240114
A musical line from the Italian northeast through the Slovenian to reach the shores of the Bosphorus. The meeting field is beyond the geographical affiliations although some improvisations are characterized by a vocal style that draws inspiration from the tradition of the large region of Central Asian until to Turkey and neighboring Asian territories. The music of Zarja-Tay has the strength of the immediacy of communicativeness, without superstructure, is what we hear, are the suggestions that we feel through listening.

  1. Kanat (3:12)
  2. Somebody (1:22)
  3. Mashallah! (2:32)
  4. Snake (8:59)
  5. Voice (1:58)
  6. Zarja-Tay (2:19)
  7. ATA (2:16)
  8. Phantasie (3:47)
  9. APA (9:45)
  10. Zero (2:30)
  11. Köpes (5:23)

Line up
Saadet Turkoz, voice
Giovanni Maier, doublebass
Zlatko Kaucic, percussions

Recording Information
Music by Turkoz Maier Kaucic except #6 by Maier Kaucic #4,7,11 by Turkoz
Recorded & mixed on 24th June 2009 by Iztok Zupan at Marijinega Oznanenja, Crn Grob (Slovenia)
Mastered June 2012 by Giovanni Maier, Turriaco, Italy
Art by Ale Sordi

Tea Time

Tea Time - Rudi Records RRJ1030

Daniele D'Agaro Massimo De Mattia Giovanni Maier

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1030
Barcode 8058456240336
Daniele D'Agaro (clarinet) Massimo De Mattia (flutes) Giovanni Maier (double bass). A trio consisting of some of the best Italian jazz improvisers caught in the middle of an intense three ways dialogue. A wide sound palette coming from the beautiful and peculiar combination of reeds flute and bass. Three expert musicians generating a great flow of music based on the balance of various shapes and densities. From quiet open zones through rather dense conversations.
Creative Music at its best.

  1. Mint (2:08)
  2. Hip Rose (2:09)
  3. Mango (5:45)
  4. Sanddom (4:40)
  5. Rooibos (7:18)
  6. Cinnamon (4:35)
  7. Licorice (4:20)
  8. Ginger * (0:37)
  9. Sage (6:44)
  10. Blackcurrant ** (0:41)
  11. Lemon *** (2:44)
  12. Pomegranate (2:44)

Line up
Daniele D'Agaro, clarinet
Massimo De Mattia, flutes
Giovanni Maier, doublebass

Recording Information
All compositions by D’Agaro, De Mattia, Maier except * by Maier, ** by D’Agaro and *** by De Mattia
Recorded on February 13th 2016, by Massimo De Mattia, Udine
Mastered February 2016, by Giovanni Maier
Photo credit: Luca d’Agostino © Phocus Agency
Art by Ale Sordi


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