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Viaggio al Centro del Violino Vol. 1

Viaggio al Centro del Violino Vol.1 - Rudi Records RRJ1015

Emanuele Parrini

Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1015
Barcode 8058456240183
Emanuele Parrini is a musician on the rise. We can consider it among the leading representatives of his instrument on the current modern jazz scene. A musician who has knowledge and passion for the history of the violin in both the jazz and creative (see tributes to Leroy Jenkins and Renato Geremia) and technical knowledge that allows him to cross styles and different approaches. The Parrini collaboration's include the ultimate in creative Italian jazz (Nexus, Dinamitri Jazz Folklore, Italian Instable Orchestra), Viaggio al Centro del Violino sounds like an intense tour de force in which the instrument and the musician are involved in a unique and inseparable.

    Suite for Solo Violin
  1. Viaggio al Centro del Violino - intro (2:38)
  2. Viaggio al Centro del Violino - viaggio (3:13)
  3. Abstract n° 1 (1:49)
  4. The Undecided (2:20)
  5. Abstract n° 2 (2:37)
  6. Are You Ready? (2:43)
  7. Requiem For L. J. (3:05)
  8. Black Violin (3:01)
  9. Blues P. (4:10)
  10. Suite In Due
  11. Mixolidian Dance (3:05)
  12. In Due (2:56)
  13. I Gemelli del Goal (1:47)
  14. Beauty Don’t Leave (4:40)

Line up
Suite for Solo Violin
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Suite In Due
Emanuele Parrini, violin
Paolo Botti, viola

Recording Information
All compositions by Emanuele Parrini except:
Mixolidian Dance and In Due by Paolo Botti;
I Gemelli del Goal composed by Parrini, Botti;
Beauty Don’t Leave” composed by William Parker
tracks 1-9 Recorded March 2013, by Luca Di Volo and Eleonora Tassinari, Music House Florence
tracks 10-13 Recorded April 2013, by Stefano Spina, Lab Service Milan
Mixed and mastered April 2013, by Stefano Spina and Emanuele Parrini, Lab Service Milan
Photo by Maurizio Gennai
Art by Ale Sordi

"We must admit it: the title is challenging, yet when you listen to the suite of the same name you understand that this is exactly what Emanuele Parrini does. And let us also admit that a disc of only violin music (although the second part offers us an irresistible duo between violin and viola) is something that even experienced professionals would not accept. Yet we can claim that the challenge is won. Emanuele Parrini does this: he goes to the heart of the violin, he goes to its very nature of wood, metal and horsehair and he explores it, he goes through it, he reveals it, he is seduced and enchanted by it, he takes up the challenge without getting entangled and trapped in self-congratulatory virtuosity. In this disc we hear Parrini’s passion for the masters of jazz who had to invent a vocabulary and almost a new grammar for this instrument, from Stuff Smith to Billy Bang and above all to Leroy Jenkins, to whom the Requiem della Suite is dedicated; and there is the dedication to Renato Geremia (his predecessor in the Italian Instabile Orchestra) who succeeded in inventing a new way to approach an instrument encumbered with such an onerous classical tradition. This same tradition surfaces frequently in certain passages with effects not so very different from those of some contemporary music; the difference is however in the intentions, the attitude and the aptitude according to what Cecil Taylor told A.B. Spellman fifty years ago: (“He would never get emotionally involved in it; and dig, that's the word, they don't want to get involved with music. It's a theory, it's a mental exercise in which the body is there as an attribute to complement that exercise. The body is in no way supposed to get involved in it”). There you have it: Parrini is totally involved, he is inside the violin, his music communicates an immediate feeling of presence, of immanence, of necessary physicality. He sounds as if he is playing to nourish himself and to offer the same joy to others. Also playful, entertaining and vibrant is the duet with Paolo Botti, comrade, friend, colleague; their unisono in the themes tell of a common sensibility, a shared passion, a similar approach and an infinite love of jazz.
The conclusion of the disc with its new rendering of a piece by William Parker, rather than being an arrival, is more the perfect point of departure for a journey that has only just begun." Pino Saulo


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