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BlueRing Vol. I

BlueRing Vol1 - Rudi Records RRJ1038


Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1038
Barcode 8058456240411
Bluering Improvisers is a collective of young Italian improvisers with a love for collective improvisation and the practice of conducting. Elements and modality applied with passion and intelligence to the music contained in this work.
The music, by Tobia Bondesan, moves with a slow, meditative pace and gradually builds lyric plans and thematic openings of considerable intensity.
A large collective of twenty musicians with voices, reeds, brass, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums for a wide-ranging music that will not fail to involve the most attentive and passionate listener.

  1. Prelude (T.Bondesan) 2:13
  2. Quietness Of Fighters (T.Bondesan) 3:47
  3. Interlude (T.Bondesan) 5:47
  4. Blue Is The Colour (T.Bondesan) 4:24
  5. Urban Crescendo (T.Bondesan) 5:12
  6. Blue Fish In The Ring (T.Bondesan) 5:30
  7. No Ending Theme (Chant Of Hope) (T.Bondesan) 4:38
  8. Keplership/BlueRingers All The Night (live) (T.Bondesan) 13:05

Line up
Conductor: Tobia Bondesan
Voices: Camilla Battaglia, Eleonora Elettra Franchina, Clizia Miglianti
Alto sax: Marco Vecchio, Riccardo Filippi Tenor sax: Massimo Gemini, Francesco Panconesi, Francesco Salmaso
Baritone sax: Gabriele Mastropasqua, Federico D’angelo
Trumpet: Andrea Del Vescovo
Trombone: Andrea Angeloni, Paolo Acquaviva
Clarinet: Massimiliano Dosoli, Leonardo Agnelli
Flute: Francesco Nowell
Piano and keyboards: Joseph Nowell, Luca Sguera
Guitar: Francesco Fiorenzani
Double bass: Michele Bondesan
Drums: Giuseppe Sardina

Recording Information
Music by Tobia Bondesan
Tracks 1-7 recorded, mixed and mastered at Jambona Lab (Pisa) by Antonio Castiello and Aldo De Sanctis, 19th-20th July 2016. Track 8 recorded live on 20th June 2016, at Auditorium Santa Chiara (Siena) by Damiano Magliozzi, mixed and mastered at Centro Musicale Soundy. Artwork by Marta Viviani.
Art by Ale Sordi


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